Scandal? Dozens of running champions had suspicious blood tests

Athletics face a major doping scandal three weeks before the Beijing World Cup. The German TV station ARD and the British Sunday Times reported that they had gained access to 12,000 blood tests from 5,000 competitors from the International Federation of IAAF.According to these media, one third of Olympic medalists and the world champions from 2001 to 2012, running at 800 meters and longer, had suspicious results. None of the medals came.

The ARD and Sunday Times representatives have received records from the secret informant and have them explored by Australian anti-doping experts Robin Parisotto and Michael Ashenden. “I have never seen such alarmingly abnormal blood values.It seems that a lot of athletes have doped and with impunity, “said Parisotto.

According to the ARD report, suspicious test results had 146 medalists, including holders of 55 gold medals from medium and long tracks. IAAF Lamine Diack declined to comment at the meeting of the International Olympic Committee in Kuala Lumpur, not having the necessary information.According to Essar Secretary General Gabriel, the Federation is waiting for the translation of the ARD report, which was broadcast on Saturday night.

In its statement on the ARD and Sunday Times, IAAF defended its anti-doping system. “Any other approach, especially the use of data collected over a longer period for different purposes, with different goals and different methods of analysis, is nothing but speculation,” the federation said in a statement.

Information is intended to address the World Antidoping agency. “These are wild and widespread accusations, and our commission is scrutinized as quickly as possible,” said WADA chief Craig Reedie. “I’m surprised how many of the IAAF are missing the information, and I’m sure they will go after that resource,” he said. Last December, ARD pointed out the alleged systematic doping of athletes in Russia and Kenya Then the IAAF and WADA began to scrutinize.Now German stations have come up with other allegations about these countries. According to them, more than 80 Russian medals and 18 Kenyan medals from top events won athletes with suspicious test results.