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Mrázek scored Detroit’s win, Pastrňák’s Boston goal did not help

After ten days, Petr Mrázek stood in Detroit. The Czech goalie replaced the New Jersey NHL Friday night in the 12th minute with a 2: 1 injured Jimmy Howard and led the team to a 5: 4 win over. The

He is building hockey in Vegas. Significant faces like Jagr are good, says the Czech scout

Years ago he studied history and became part of it more than ever. Vojtech Kučera belongs to people who are building a new NHL. “We’re building something that has never been here,” says European Vegas Golden Knights chief of staff.

Minns rådet. Min ödesbestämda tränare, säger Rosa tränare för Sparta

En goda råd för Spartan: Lyssna på den nya tränaren. Och inget skitsnack…När hans säregna metoder biter, kan det vara med Peter rådet (58) mår bra. Så om du inte kommer att förlora…Pros lojala fotboll och hårt arbete behöver inte

The scandal in the athletics is growing. Supporters of doping are also Czech competitors

Suspicious results of blood tests were allegedly also Czech athletes. According to the Daily Mail, the British daily Daily Mail reported an abnormal value of seven percent of its samples between 2001 and 2012. This is part of the IAAF

Scandal? Dozens of running champions had suspicious blood tests

Athletics face a major doping scandal three weeks before the Beijing World Cup. The German TV station ARD and the British Sunday Times reported that they had gained access to 12,000 blood tests from 5,000 competitors from the International Federation

Mrazek shone in the entry marathon, Hertl two goals ruled

SUMMARY | Goalkeeper Petr Mrázek was shone in Thursday’s NHL Ice St. Louis, which led Detroit to win 2: 1 after the shootout. Czech goalie covering 31 shots in the shootout defused 7 of 8 attempts and was named first

Planowanie pokoju dla maluchów – wybór mebli

Dokładnie takie produkty zamówisz klikając w link – tapety dziecięce   Pokój dla dziecka potrzebuje niezwykle wielu starań by był ładny oraz współczesny. Jego aranżacja musi być logiczna ze sobą oraz wszelkie elementy muszą być dobrane tak żeby dziecko się

“I’m really not a woman during football.

As it strolled out and about, Jurgen Klopp get the proper judgment by simply inviting the Armenian playmaker. Mkhitaryan ended up being told right now, although now Thomas Tuchel, perhaps, quite pleased with this move. In the beginning of the

He decided to head to Malaysia in a new

He / she made a decision to head to Belgium at the freshes age, rejecting to stay in the rent within “Illichivets” – the genuine town club “Shakhtar”, which disappeared many talent that is not from the composition in the

6 players on the Premier League effectively gone on the Bundesliga

Against Dolgopolov prison basis while regards 4 contents 111 of the legal programming involving Euro Federation “chat bringing about involving hefty harm to help wellness, entailed in imprudence demise with the prey”. Intended for six months Vladimir attended “position low